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What is Supervision?

Coaching supervision is a way to support coaches and other practitioners in their practice to ensure they maintain high standards of service provision for their clients. Engaging in Supervision helps uphold the quality of coaches’ work, benefits their client relationships, and ensures ongoing professional development of their practice.

For the coach, Supervision provides:

  • Boundaried space for reflective practice
  • Space to debrief and detach from a working mindset
  • Space to refine skills and develop personal qualities as a coach
  • Space to become aware of our own reactions and responses to clients and client issues
  • Support to avoid getting caught up in unconscious personal issues that may impede the coaching

For the organisation, Supervision provides:

  • Ensures quality of coaching in your organisation
  • Supports personal and professional development of your coaches    
  • Develops resilience and reduces burnout in your coaches and coaching practitioners 
  • Supports good client outcomes

Who is supervision for?

Supervision is for coaches and coaching practitioners of every level. The focus of the supervision itself may shift in line with the experience and skill levels of the coach, but the beneficial impact of supervision remains robust irrespective of seniority.

Supervision is particularly valuable for internal coaches and managers who take on coaching roles.

What is the difference between coaching and supervision?

There is cross-over in some of the skill sets for coaching and supervision. The supervisor will, like a coach, often work with the coach to explore their thought processes and help them discover new insights. However, additionally the supervisor may use interventions in a different, more directive, way to those used in coaching.  Supervision can often be a richer process facilitating greater levels of insight and transformation.

What is good practise in supervision?

Supervision that addresses the needs of the coach and their clients

Supervision that takes place regularly: either individually, in groups or both

Supervision that provides support to the coach

Supervision that provides continuing professional development to the coach

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