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We create bespoke Transition Labs. These are highly personalised wraparound leadership programmes offering an exclusive experience to accelerate the integration of senior leaders and boards at critical times. Our Transition Labs combine: Specialist coaching approaches; Systemic stakeholder engagement; Psychological insight; Business acumen; and a backbone of empirical research around what derails new-to-role leaders. All to assist smooth leadership transitions and to accelerate optimal performance.

Choice Not Chance®

Welcome to Career Synergy’s specialist Transition Labs. We exclusively focus upon what it takes to successfully integrate new-to-role leaders and senior teams.  50% of the organization at any one point of time is likely to face disruption due to role changes.

New beginnings are critical moments in a leader’s engagement.  We support new-to-role leaders as they let go of past ways of working to engage with the uncertainties and complexities of the new role.

We have a reputation for providing world-class white labelled leadership programmes. Our Transition Labs can link directly to your talent management and succession planning programmes, enabling the strategic alignment of your leaders, new to role Partners and teams with your business purpose.

What Transition Lab Support Do You Need?

Organizations often provide leadership development but commonly fail to support leaders during the vital transition and integration phases.  We offer both leadership development and transition integration wraparound support to assist individuals, teams and their line managers at these critical times.

We offer full and half-day Transition Lab input sessions to meet individual and cohort needs along with our rigorous Choice Not Chance® coaching programme to support you and your people.  We focus on key points of transition at a senior level:


For individuals about to start a new leadership role we provide a wrap-around executive onboarding service that is structured, front-end-loaded, and time-bound. Our onboarding Transition Labs are designed to accelerate the integration of newly appointed executives and senior leaders at their most critical time. Based on a jointly developed 100-Day Action Plan we will help you engage with the culture, build trusting relationships, and gain the necessary strategic edge. We will support you to foster a high-performing team aligned around shared purpose, winning strategies and high performance.  We will design a custom Transition Lab around your needs in concert with your key stakeholders to accelerate your speed of integration.


For managers seeking to evolve and mature their leadership impact we provide a dedicated combination of coaching and consultancy service. Our Choice Not Chance® coaching methodology is designed specifically for experienced managers and leaders. We offer a shift in the quality of your thinking and help you experiment with your leadership style to optimise your impact.  What makes us different is the conscious attention that we give to the different facets of your life and how these can work in synergy in your leadership situation. Finding new ways to relate to other people can magnify your impact allowing you to scale up your contributions via working through others.


The move to Partner in professional service firms is a key transition. Securing sponsorship, visibility and demonstrating consistent added value to the firm are all necessary first steps to establishing your credibility. But more is required than being just a rain maker of client fees when sitting in the boardroom. Our Partnership Development and Transition Lab programmes are designed to link to your existing talent programmes.  We assist your potential partners to showcase their contribution, gain alignment with the direction of the firm and contribute meaningfully to strategic debate.  Speak with us today about ways we can help you accelerate the impact of your firm’s talent.


New leaders of busy teams / groups can find it difficult to establish a new rhythm and focus whilst maintaining high performance.  Tackling pockets of under performance, challenging established ways of working and forging a team out of a fragmented group can  disrupt your collective output.  Building an effective team / group is a key for leaders with expansive responsibilities.  We provide a bespoke Accelerated Team Transition Lab service that both works with your senior team, and directly supports you as a leader to better get to know one another.  Our structured relational approach deliver proactive specialist support to help develop your team, working on team dynamics, building connective relationships and uniting your team around a common vision, strategic blueprint and results-driven action plans.  Our Choice Not Chance® coaching methodology is designed specifically for experienced business leaders. We will coach you as a leader in conjunction with providing group coaching for your team.


For leaders seeking to transition upwards into their first NED or Chair position, we provide our Ascension Transition Lab – a dedicated combination of coaching and consultancy services designed for experienced business leaders. Our seasoned board level team will work in partnership with you to uncover what your offer is as a potential NED beyond your execution experience in order to maximise your value.  We will help you articulate that value clearly and succinctly whilst supporting your most practical routes to market. Our Ascension Transition Lab will work with you to improve your self-awareness and identify the right goals for your future, and our consultancy input will provide practical support and advice before and during your upward transition. 


For individuals aiming to up the ante with change in their organization and create a name for themselves as a true herald of  impactful change, we provide a wrap-around Transformational Leadership Lab preparing you to hit the ground running as a Change Sponsor.  As well as helping you hone your skills to a higher level, our team can provide an experienced, insightful sounding board to you throughout the implementation period and beyond when engaged with major change.


For leaders who find themselves running flat within their role, and want to recharge, rejuvenate and revitalise. Often we wake up to the fact that the role has lost meaning or purpose for us.  We might be responsible for lots of activities but the spark we carried has gone out.  The constant risk-taking and energy required to mobilise people can be exhausting and demoralising even when your outcomes are successful. Our team have worked with many senior executives to regain their passion and energy. Our Vitality Transition Lab involves our team working with you in the roles of coach, mentor and trusted adviser, to co-create and implement a plan to revitalise you.  Your well-being is not something to feel an indulgence or guilty about. Let us help you shift your mindset, and reignite your motivation.


For leaders transitioning from domestic roles to international and global leadership positions. Our team are experienced in working with global organizations and understand the shifts in expectation and delivery needed to achieve an international role.  We provide a full wrap-around Global Transition Lab designed with your cultural integration challenges in mind.  We offer support to recognise what might need to change as you build relationships in new countries and seek to successfully lead people who may struggle to identify themselves with you.   Speak with us today about your cultural shift or indeed the cultural shock of re-integrating to your home culture after a long absence.


Higher Education leaders often face more painful transitions.  Leading and managing former academic peers, often for just a few years before returning to previous role, can strain relationships.  Often colleagues have not received managerial training and quality feedback limiting the capabilities of your potential team.  Additionally, the challenge of mobilising change in a passive culture with deep rooted cultural norms should not be underestimated.


We help new-to-role academic leaders such as Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Deans and Heads of Department, to navigate these transitions through our Transition Labs and Leadership Development programmes.  Speak with us today for more information about how we design and support HE programmes for academics and students.

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Whether you’re seeking to prepare for a major new role, needing to evolve your leadership style to better adjust to your context or just thinking ahead about a career change our goal is to optimise your transition into a new leadership phase; our specialist team can help both you and your team.

Each of our Transition Labs is a full-support package creating synergy from stakeholder engagement, evidence-based practice and a keen interest in how you align to the systemic context.  We offer deep psychological insight and pragmatic business acumen along with our specialist Leadership Transition coaching to ensure you make the best choices for success.


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