Accelerate Your Integration

Author: Peter Fennah   Category: Leadership Integration

Accelerate Your Integration

What happens beyond the on-boarding stage? Assuming that you have had one which according to a Gallup survey in 2018 only 12% of respondents strongly agree that their organisation does a great job of on-boarding its employees. Rock Star employees are wanted, but not welcome.

So, you now have access to IT and all the overwhelming wealth of information about the organisation that it offers but how do you make sense of it?

How do you sift out value from the multiple activities of the business in order to better understand your current / future role?

Who is helping you to stand back and understand where you can add the greatest value rather than being sucked into the ASAP mentality of well meaning others intent on driving their agendas?

What happens beyond the on-boarding stage? Are you left in no-man’s land to fend for yourself?

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