Linda Doe

Our executive coaches work across the World’s top business schools and global organisations helping individuals, teams and businesses to get the best from their people. As seasoned Chartered Occupational Psychologists we understand how shared mindset and leadership integrity drive exceptional business performance.

Executive Coach

Group dynamics mediator Skilled at problem solving with challenging people, improving team dynamics and turning professional relationships around, particularly at Exec/Board level.

Honest challenge Bringing a focus and diligence with an excellent track record of achieving results

Insightful and responsive Expert knowledge of what makes people tick, and ability to challenge clients to achieve at their best

Linda has been a Director of her own business for more than 20 years. She currently works as a consultant Business Psychologist. She is a critical friend at Board and Exec level, enables succession planning, helps businesses to assess and implement people aspects of the corporate governance code – and encourages businesses to embrace their people challenges with best practice and compassion.

After a 30-year career spanning private and public sector and all kinds of clients, Linda is currently researching the impact of women aging at work – How do we get from surviving to thriving? This is driven partly by some “interesting” personal experiences of the impact of being older in a commercial environment – and which has led to an iterative dialogue with a range of women about their experiences. Linda will share these voices with you – and invites your curiosity and contributions.

A professional Psychologist at heart, Linda is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow with the British Psychological Society. She is on their Register of Expert Witnesses and has provided assessment and opinion in relation to workplace stress and mental health. Linda encourages businesses to work proactively to promote well-being and mental health, to support individuals, teams which ultimately makes good business sense. She is a managing member of the Association of Psychologists on Boards (APOB), a multi-disciplinary group founded to support more Psychologists into Boardroom positions and to use Psychology to facilitate greater inclusion and diversity within Boards, to share Psychological knowledge, experience and perspectives to enable more effective Boards. She is a Registered Occupational Psychologist with the Health Professions Council.

Linda is qualified also as a teacher of yoga and meditation, which grounds her professional work and provides peace in a busy life and work world. She is a mum to two inspiring teenagers.

Key values in business: Trust, honesty and integrity

Key values in life: Compassion, kindness and inclusion

“I see no reason why business and organisational life cannot embrace all of these”


  • MSc Occupational Psychology
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • Chartered Occupational Psychologist
  • Associate Fellow (British Psychological Society)
  • Registered Psychologist (Health Professions Council)
  • Expert Witness (BPSregister) – provision of assessment and opinion in relation to stress and mental health at work

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