Kirstin Irving

Our executive coaches work across the World’s top business schools and global organisations helping individuals, teams and businesses to get the best from their people. As seasoned Chartered Occupational Psychologists we understand how shared mindset and leadership integrity drive exceptional business performance.

Executive Coach

Sustainable change champion Passionately working in support of effective change agency, determining clarity and authentic leadership, ensuring people’s voices get heard and making sure the time, energy and resource devoted to changing is well spent

Compassionate Bringing deep empathy, candour and insight to difficult situations and people challenges

Observant and mindful Skilled in identifying and implementing non-verbal communication embodiment tools that build capacity for presence, confidence and connection

Kirstin specialises in organisational change. She is a qualified occupational psychologist and has over 20 years experience working in fast-paced, complex global organisations. She works with senior level sponsors, their change agent teams and people at all levels impacted by change, always with a focus on enabling change for sustainable success, As a trainer, facilitator, consultant and coach she has a reputation for engaging with clients as a true partner and provides high-value workable solutions.

Her career in change management began when she joined BBC World Service. For the next several years she worked with Ford Motor Company helping to implement global transformation programs. Since then Kirstin has consulted to organisations across Europe, in North America and in Asia. She is European Partner of the US-based change management firm LaMarsh Global and has over 15 years experience working with their Managed Change™ approach.

Significant client engagements include:

• 18 months working with the CIO of a major UK energy provider and his Transformation Team to improve performance through restructure, process and culture change.
• Support over a two year period for the senior management team of a global office Services function as they re-structured and re-positioned in response to exponential business growth.
• Turnaround support for one area of a complex Europe-wide organisation, enabling improved working relationships and implementation of a business critical change.

Kirstin’s passions include growing vegetables and, when the weather allows, swimming in the sea!


MSc Occupational Psychology

BSc Psychology

CHartered Psychologist


Kirstin is certified in the use of a range of psychometric instruments, including: MBTI Steps I and II, Hogan’s Assessment System (HPI, HDS & MVPI), 16PF, Apter’s Motivational Styles Profile, Global Leadership Profile,  Leadership Circle Profile (360), Collective Leadership Assessment (team & culture survey).

She has a special interest in Leadership Embodiment and has Intermediate: Level 2 Certification from Wendy Palmer.

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