Bindi Dholakia

Our executive coaches work across the World’s top business schools and global organisations helping individuals, teams and businesses to get the best from their people. As seasoned Chartered Occupational Psychologists we understand how shared mindset and leadership integrity drive exceptional business performance.

Executive Coach

Effective facilitator Skilled in expediting progress in the areas of assessment, development and diversity

Principled Values driven coach committed to integrity, excellence and partnership working

Engaging and genuine Bringing a personable, authentic and candid approach to her coaching

Bindi is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Registered Psychologist with 16 years consultancy experience.  Prior to working as an associate with Career Synergy, Bindi was a Managing Psychologist with Pearn Kandola where she was responsible for managing large consultancy projects and maintaining effective client relationships.  Before this she worked for CSA Management Consultants in an occupational psychologist consultancy role.

Bindi has worked internationally and has developed expertise in the areas of assessment and selection, developing people, and managing diversity.  She has a breadth of experience from job analysis, designing competency frameworks, assessing and selecting people at all levels, designing assessment solutions and exercises, coaching, development centre design and facilitation, career development, and diversity training and design.  She is viewed as an effective facilitator and trainer, particularly in the areas of assessment, development and diversity.

Bindi works with a range of people from front line staff to Board Members, and has spent considerable time working with Irish, Polish, Slovak, Dutch, Australian, and German populations.

She is currently working on designing a Fair Recruitment Toolkit for the Bar, which is to be rolled out to barristers in the UK. Examples of work in the area of career development include delivering career development workshops at Vodafone, career planning and team development at Alexander Mann Solutions, and designing a two day career development programme for managers within Lloyds Banking Group.


  • MSc Applied Psychology
  • BSc Psychology
  • Chartered Psychologist
  • Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

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