Practice Supervision

We help organizations establish clear measures for coaching programmes, deliver valuable continuous development, and hold coaches/consultants to account in developing their practice in alignment to the needs of the organization. Our specialist Ashridge accredited supervisors deliver transformational support to coaches and OD / coaching coordinators. We work collaboratively with coaches to evolve their professional practice and systemic alignment, to raise collective performance.

Professional Supervision

Supervision (also known as Reflective Practice) is for coaches, for those leaders wishing to deepen their impact and for other practitioners at all stages of their development. The focus and nature of supervision may change depending on the experience and level of the coach, but the value of reflecting upon the mastery of your profession does not diminish over time.

Our specialism is in supervising those coaching professionals working with clients who are undergoing significant leadership shifts in style or responsibility and undertaking big transitions. Discerning organizations and individuals recognise the benefit of interrupting day-to-day practice to consciously wake up to what we are really doing – in order to improve our professional practice.

We believe supervision is about provoking deeper consideration of professional practice with compassion – it can be scary to be less than perfect and vulnerable as coaches / consultants.  We also examine how professional practice is aligned relative to the bigger picture.  OD practitioners, consultants, mentors, managers and leaders who see their work as their profession also benefit immensely from the time to critically reflect.

What We Do

We help coaches and consultants who work with senior clients to deepen and develop their practice. We all have blind spots, and even experienced coaches have the capacity to be caught up in unconscious dynamics with clients.

The best supervisors hold an open learning intent, helping you to go deep in your reflections to realise your unique potential. The emphasis is upon collaborative and experiential reflection, building your self-awareness and helping you to consciously detach from transferred client emotions and personal triggers – to be fully in service of your client’s needs.

Managing complexity and multiple stakeholder expectations along with understanding the psychological processes at play in the relationships is part of the professional journey. Our coaching supervisors will help you to find energy, awareness, enhanced embodied connection, and a useful re-examination of your professional practice.

What Supervision Help Do You Need?

Whether you are a coach, leader or professional looking to enhance your practice, or an organization wanting to evolve the systemic impact of your coaches, mentors & consultants we can help.   We seek to bring new levels of supervision benefit to your organization interrupting day-to-day conventional practice to consciously wake-up to what is really going on.


We offer confidential supervision to individual executive coaches, leaders, global HRD/CHRO’s, Heads of Careers/OD/L&D, and management consultants seeking to advance their personal and professional impact. Speak with us today about how we can help you evolve your practice.


We have a track record of group supervision and offering continuous professional development programmes to in-house and associate coaching teams. We have partnered with coaching teams from some of the world’s premiere business schools, providing team building, development and supervision. We have measurably enhanced the quality of service to clients, built resilience and improved relationships between staff and management. Speak with us today about how we can help your team evolve.


We have a track record of group supervision, and offering continuous professional development programmes to those engaged in significant career and leadership transition client work. Speak with us today about how we can help your coaching groups evolve.

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How Do We Supervise?

You are your practice.  We look with compassion and curiosity at how you relate to your clients, your own well being and your engagement with your context.  Our supervision will help you manage the complexity of multiple stakeholder expectations and help you shift your energy, enhance your embodied connection and ask insightful questions.

We provide a boundaried space for reflective practice, a safe environment in which to debrief and detach from a performance mindset.  We aim to help you refine your skills and develop your personal qualities as a coach. We will help you become more aware of our own reactions and responses to clients and client issues.  Often the most powerful observations relate to how you have gotten caught up in unconscious parallel processes that impede the coaching.  These are very rarely identified in standard coaching/consultancy or mentoring conversations.

Why Career Synergy?

Peter Fennah is our lead coach and supervisor with over 20 years full-time career and leadership coaching experience.

He is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist (HCPC), Accredited member of APECS (Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision), Registered Coaching Psychologist (British Psychological Society) and Founding member of the Business Psychologists Association. Peter has been in paid coaching supervision continuously since 2002. He holds a HULT Ashridge Postgraduate Diploma in Organizational Supervision, being only one of a handful of supervision programme providers worldwide to hold the EMCC’s Supervision Training Quality Award.

Peter’s contributions to the profession have included:

Career Development Institute (CDI) Founding Board Member and Head of UK Professional Register for Career Development Professionals;

Joint Chair of the Association of Career Professionals International (UK) and Executive Board Member of the Career Professional Alliance UK

Peter has chaired and leads strategic cross-functional reviews of elite business schools (MBA/MSc Careers, Marketing, Admissions and Alumni) departments. His consultancy recommendations have led to transformational FT Ranking and World-Class coaching service improvements. See Consultancy services for more information.

Peter has led masterclass leadership / career workshops and webinars for the senior Civil Service, senior military leaders, CEOs and executive boards, business schools MBA/EMBA cohorts, Russell Group University senior leaders and internal coaching teams.

He is a published author having written a new chapter on Career Coaching in the second edition Handbook of Coaching Psychology: A Guide For Practitioners. 2019 by Routledge Edited by Prof. Stephen Palmer & Dr. Alison Whybrow. Author of: The Elite MBA CV: Executive Impact via receiving 6,000 downloads in the first month of publication despite summer holidays and Wimbledon! Author and editor of academic core module books for over 7,000 global EMBAs on leadership and career change, e.g. Hard Decisions, Hard Transitions. McGraw-Hill Education, 2014. And numerous leadership, talent management and career workbooks used across multiple top 10 ranked business schools around the world.

We’ve supported coaching excellence within:

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