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We help to evolve your leadership and culture. Aligning values, strengths, business strategy and your ecosystem to release best fit leadership. Uniquely we specialise in executive leadership development and transition integration to minimise disruption.

World-Class Coaching

We provide a world-class service to individuals, business schools and organizations. Our specific focus is enabling smooth Leadership Transitions, minimising organizational disruption and optimising leadership/team performance.  We partner with your business to realise the full potential of your leaders and teams in strategic alignment with your overall purpose.

Our specialist Choice Not Chance® coaching approach helps leaders shift mindsets when working at scale with complexity, change and people.  We’ll spark your curiosity, offer constructive challenge and help you proactively navigate the political structures of your business.

Moving from one leadership level to the next is not straight forward. We support individuals and their teams to work through the inevitable complexities. There is no one size fits all approach to leadership development and transition integration – it is idiosyncratic.  In our experience it involves a blend of career management, leadership development and transition management.


What Executive Coaching Help Do You Need?

All of our Executive Coaching packages are designed around you.  Contact us for a free discovery conversation focused upon your needs.


We work with international CEOs, 3* Generals, Civil Servants, NEDs and executive teams helping them evolve their executive impact. The CEO role is unique. Switched on 24/7, called upon to forge collective direction from fragmented thinking, make unpopular decisions, set the pace and strategic direction whilst coaching others to perform to their best. Relief from the relentless pressure arises from an effective Board who can share the executive pressures, communicate a clear vision and demonstrate emotional maturity fostering a positive culture. Our C-Suite coaching programme is designed to augment the board-level skills of new and existing Board members to support you and the Board as you collectively build the best organisation you can.


New joining Board members and the re-configuration of Boards to address growth shifts in the business are useful opportunities to review and raise the effectiveness of Board interactions. We work with Chairs and CEOs to help executive teams and Partners  step up to operating at Board level.

Our Executive Coaches offer individual and team coaching to help improve team effectiveness as well as improving individual and collective well-being, you may also find our Transition Labs useful.


Having reached the highest levels of success have you begun to ask yourself ‘what next?’ Celebrity and Founder Executive Coaching is for those who may feel conflicted or hollowed out by the demands of sustaining their professional identity.  The costs of sustaining your efforts is becoming unacceptable but the ways of letting go are unappealing.  This coaching support is particularly suitable for celebrities, business owners, Professional Services Partners; company directors, professional athletes or media VIPs.  We provide full discretion to enable you the space and time to explore new possibilities with our professional coaches. Our individual and team coaching programmes help those engaged in rapidly growing firms. Our work with Founders often helps them to step back from day-to-day operations, improve well-being and get their businesses ready to pursue exit strategies.


Sponsoring and leading change projects create different challenges for leaders. Leading change well requires insight, planning, and a keen understanding of how both people and cultural systems respond to perceived disruption.

When leading change, you will have your own needs to meet alongside the wider change agenda, and you will be more effective if you are able to pay attention to these needs within the transition. This often gets lost in the complexities of supporting everyone else through the process. Our executive coaches are ideally placed to provide discreet, confidential support to enable you to manage and lead change exceptionally.

We also offer Supervision for OD and change management consultants engaged in complex systems helping them to better understand the often unconscious dynamics at play.


Our Choice Not Chance® coaching approach builds the agility of leaders to think and work differently with complexity and people. We spark curiosity, challenge limiting mindsets and help as you navigate the power and political structures of your organization.

Great leaders are skilled at projecting influence at executive levels and cascading an engaging worldview across layers of management. You will need to develop the ability to diplomatically manage diverse stakeholders, effectively build senior team capabilities, forge new cultures, foster portfolio strategic thinking, and address reoccurring patterns of behaviour.

Leadership development is complex and fraught with potential pitfalls; our executive coaches can help you find alignment with your own, team and business priorities to succeed.


Proving yourself in different cultures and markets in order to progress to global general management is often deeply exposing.  Acceptable weaknesses in previous positions now become career blocks.

Our executive coaches have extensive experience in supporting executives and senior leaders to build global relationships.  Finding new ways to engage with local teams whilst remaining visible and collaborative to remote Head Office. Building and managing your global reputation as you progress in the business is critical if you are seeking global board positions – we offer a strong partnership to support your international leadership journey.


In spite of how common it has become; career change remains a tumultuous time of turmoil for most people. Even exceptional performers often lose their professional identity during career transitions, particularly when taking on NED or managerial roles that leave behind areas of expertise.

Gaining rapid insight and clarity over how to reconfigure yourself, helps you find your leadership voice and build a collective vision. Our high impact practical coaching re-energises leaders to understand what roles fit them best, and why. Let us help you re-forge confidence, liberate energy, master executive impact and raise the quality of your thinking to differentiate you.

We offer a full end-to-end service helping you with every aspect of your career change! Drop us a line today and accelerate your strategic career progression.


We believe all talented individuals and teams are idiosyncratic and we are deeply interested in how you can reach …or exceed your potential (speak with us today if you are curious). From celebrities, industry leaders, VIPs, elite athletes, entrepreneurs and driven MBAs we offer an unparalleled service.

We have guided over 8,000 MBAs from the world’s top business schools through their leadership and entrepreneurial transitions. We help ignite and align purpose with meaningful employment.

Talent by its nature is diverse.  Let us help you smash any perceived glass ceiling, by helping you identify the things you can do now, more than simply achieving results, that will put you on track to ascend to the next level of leadership. Move to action and accelerate your career by getting in touch today.


Our systemic approach to team coaching offers an opportunity to build awareness of the disruptive dynamics within teams/groups that are holding your team/group back from optimal performance as well as the influences outside the team/group that may be impacting your performance.

We will work with you as a team to hold honest and appreciative conversations aligned to the business’ needs. We help you overcome ‘stuckness’ and stubborn ways of working that limit your collective success. We can also offer programmes of developmental and transitional support based upon the capabilities and needs of the group/team.

We actively work with you to enhance performance, effectiveness and learning to improve individual and collective well-being. Become more creative, gain appreciation and empathy with your challenges and have some fun working with each other.

12 years successfully connecting over 8,000 leaders to a better future

What We Do

Our interest is in helping evolve your leadership impact.  We help you, as a person, better align your aspirations to your leadership context and consciously choose to continue learning beyond those experiences that have shaped your approach to date.  We offer perspective, fresh thinking, empathetic support and most importantly quality challenge enabling you to enhance your strategic impact.

Coaching Process + Outcomes

Solid Start: We begin with a discovery call, exploring your needs, context and aspirations.  You have a chemistry call with your preferred coach.  Then a development meeting to engage key stakeholders allowing expectations to be clarified often via a 3-way meeting with your manager.  We want to reduce mixed messages and ensure you have 100% support.

4 to 6 coaching sessions are typical to rapidly progress key changes with ongoing conversations with your sponsors.

Clear Handover: We encourage a final 3-way meeting to review and identify needs for sustained change supported by your organization.  6 month evaluation of systemic impact is offered.

Here is just a sample of the benefits of coaching, and how we help.


We help leaders expand their awareness, enhance their engagement of stakeholders and manage their resilience resulting in change happening at a greater scale with less disruption.  Commercial, social and environmental benefits follow.  Leadership talent is diverse and improved role modelling inspires and enhances the culture of your organisation.  Leadership is also a joint endeavour; we seek to enhance collaborative relationships,  improving decisions and the adoption of change.  Fundamentally we seek to help your leaders shift the quality of dialogue in your organization, to make conscious those choices that can have a systemic difference to the vitality of your business.


Gain respite from the relentless business-as-usual through having a safe space to reflect and consciously choose the focus of your actions. Our testimonials highlight the value of a higher perspective that unblocks stuck thinking and reduces anxieties associated with major change.  We care about your well being and the cost of change for you, your team and the systemic impact it can have.  Shifting perspective to note what real changes to the nature and the health of the business are key to understanding what is noise and necessity.  Start your refocus today with an energising conversation with us.  Step into your longer‐term aspirations and plan for your succession.


Life and business can be unpredictable.  We seek to support you through uncertain and critical times with compassion and challenging curiosity to provoke new insights.  We offer Retainer, Structured Programmes and On Demand service support to ensure that executive coaching is available when you need it the most.  We prefer to meet face-to-face though video conference can work well when your diary is tight.

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As Occupational Psychologists and seasoned executive coaches we understand how purpose and mindset drive exceptional behaviours.  Whether you’re seeking to evolve your leadership style, thinking about a career change, transitioning into a new leadership role or seeking to get the best out of your leadership team our world-class executive coaches and Transition Lab specialists can help.