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We deliver global leadership transition services for organizations, business schools and individuals.

Coaching Credentials

Career Synergy is comprised of 30 seasoned Organizational Psychologists and accredited executive coaches/supervisors who are handpicked to partner with you. Our credentials are founded on the rigorous training, deep expertise, international experience and character of our qualified coaches and supervisors. We have all held leadership and entrepreneurial roles, so we know what it is to be bold, encounter setbacks and persevere.

As Chartered Psychologists we understand how to align purposeful leadership to fluid organizational needs and how shared meaning drives exceptional performance.

  1. We hold Board level operational and NED experience in creating cultural change.
  2. We regularly work with global leaders in uncertain situations to deliver organization-wide results at pace.
  3. We are industry recognised through publications and active contributions advancing the field of coaching and supervision.
  4. We bring compassion, a sense of humour and dynamism to help your transformational agenda.
  5. We are highly accredited, hold to professional ethical codes of practice .and are engaged in ongoing supervision to maintain our learning edge.

We believe in true partnership working, giving you access to our collective bench strength through our managed service approach.

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