CVs For Management Consultancy: Top 4 Firms

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CVs For Management Consultancy: Top 4 Firms

A reasonable starting point when reworking your CV is to ask: ‘What do management consultancies look for in an MBA level consultant?’

The general answer is: problem solving; project management; client impact & interaction skills; communication and teamwork.  And, that these competencies need to be demonstrated within a wrapping of commercial maturity, diplomatic poise and finessed people skills.

Unfortunately this is where many applicant’s curiosity and listening skills stop. They then consider tactically where and how they have demonstrated achievements to tick these boxes. Or, what is meant by meta competencies, e.g. communication skills relating to presentations, influencing, negotiations, report & proposal writing, etc.

  • Deeper strategic questions can reveal more, such as:
  • What do management consultants actually do that adds specific value?
  • What builds their reputation?
  • Which practice area is most aligned to the way I think and work?

At this point you may be itching to get on with it and write your CV; After all, the deadline is fast approaching which means you don’t have time to think… If you are caught in this DO, DO, DO cycle then you are likely to be trapped in a pattern of low or mediocre success.

  • Show your depth of thinking
  • If everyone receives the same job description information and has broadly the same accomplishments then:
  • What is the difference between eligible and suitable candidates?
  • How do the successful candidates think differently about the role?
  • What does insight look like on your CV & cover letter?
  • How do you articulate your relevant achievements with greater focus & impact?

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