We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of leadership and team support in organizations at points of disruption. We specialise in the design of senior leadership development programmes with practical transition integration support to accelerate optimal performance. We help transfer learning from your formal programmes via individual or team coaching. We also provide cohorts of coaches where supervision is ideally embedded to enhance organizational learning.

Expert Support

Our three key consultancy offerings focus upon improving the quality of your organization’s leadership and learning agility.  We use targeted individual and team coaching to help at key points of disruption, such as new-to-role leaders or those engaged in their final 100 days in role.  We design and deliver bespoke coaching-embedded leadership development programmes. We support the strategic development of businesses, boards, departments and teams.

We are typically brought in when:

  • You are managing talent at the beginning or end of a leadership cycle
  • You need retained coaches to deliver expert support at peak delivery times
  • Your organization needs a more effective leadership development or transition integration intervention
  • Your board, team or business are ready to take strategic growth/oversight to the next level
  • Your board or senior team dynamics are unhealthy and not meeting wider expectations

All our consultancy offerings can be combined with our Transition Labs, and executive coaching for organizations and teams in periods of disruptive change.

What Consultancy Help Do You Need?

Contact us for a free exploratory conversation about how we can help meet your needs.  We deliver bespoke assessment/development centres, full leadership and career management programmes and manage executive coaching teams aligned to your business vision.


Our custom Board and leadership programmes are tailored to fit seamlessly within, or alongside, your existing talent programmes.  We can share more with you about ways we have helped prepare and enabled board members to shift their outlook to embrace what it means to operate at an international board level.


Are you running so fast your team have forgotten how to collaborate effectively together and how to step-up to new expectations?  We offer direct consultancy and coaching inputs to improve the effectiveness and performance of your Board.  Our Transition Labs showcase the exclusive wrap-around support we seek to offer individuals and teams at points of significant change.


You want to grow and develop the business successfully with a view to perhaps eventually withdrawing from active involvement and ultimately transferring your ownership to others. We offer strategic growth reviews for business owners to help them strengthen their leadership teams ahead of sale.


We design and deliver a full suite of high quality Career Management and Professional Development webinars/workshops for global business schools and corporate clients.


We help integrate and align your leadership development programmes to individual and team development journeys. We support 360 feedback, complex individual and team psychometrics in addition to Action Learning Team support helping you to achieve your programme outcomes. We offer individual and whole coaching teams with, or without supervision and delivery management, to enhance programmatic learning.


We help organizations establish clear measures for coaching programmes, deliver valuable continuous development, and hold coaches/consultants to account. Our specialist coaching supervisors deliver transformational support to coaches and coaching coordinators. Our supervisors work collaboratively with coaches to evolve their professional practice and systemic alignment to raise collective performance. We supervise senior individuals, groups and in-house teams.


We understand just like many venture capitalists, PE firms, investors and City analysts that the real value of an organization lies in the quality of its leaders to deliver sustainable results through the culture of the organization via their people management skills. We offer comprehensive evidence-based custom assessments of senior talent, and design extensive onboarding programmes to ensure your investment is realised.


When things aren’t working out and executive exit is necessary, we know that you want the last 100 days to minimise disruption and set up those who remain for ongoing success. We work diplomatically and in strict confidence with your outgoing executives helping them leave with dignity and confidence. We can also work with them until they secure new positions. Our coaching outplacement focus enables individuals to gain closure and embrace the opportunities at hand.  We can also provide training to affected groups including managers leading redundancies/restructures.


For over 11 years we have delivered world-class HE Career and Leadership Development programmes to the top business schools and Universities in the world. We provide custom leadership and career development programmes for top academic leaders, MBAs, and corporate clients. Additionally, we offer results-proven cross-functional consultancy services to Careers, Admissions/Marketing & Alumni teams helping business schools raise FT Ranking and end-to-end service quality in an increasingly competitive world.

What We Do

We deliver world-class leadership development, performance enhancement, career management and coaching interventions for global organizations, SMEs and elite businesses schools.

We design and deliver white-label interventions to help better align your organizational vision and stakeholder expectations with the needs of teams and the individuals within them.  We will work in close partnership with you to realise the full potential of your leaders and teams in strategic alignment with your business purpose.

We can work with you as a business, board or team to hold honest and appreciative conversations aligned to the business’ needs. We bring senior teams and boards together using a systemic approach to team coaching which helps build awareness of the disruptive dynamics within teams/groups that are holding you back from optimal performance as well as the influences outside the team/group that may be impacting overall performance. We help you overcome ‘stuckness’ and stubborn ways of working that limit your collective success. We can also offer programmes of developmental and transitional support based upon the capabilities and needs of the group/team. Read more about how team coaching could benefit senior leaders in your organisation.

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